Nissan adding third GT-R trim line

Nissan will introduce the mid-level GT-R Track Edition at the New York auto show.


Tesla takes aim at BMW, Mercedes-Benz compacts

After revealing the new Model 3 release candidate last week, Telsa CEO Elon Musk touched on Tesla's production ramp-up strategy for its new volume model. If the EV automaker can hold to its forecasts, it will produce half a million units in 2018--unprecedented for a ground-up vehicle launch, says Bloomberg.


China to get a Buick plug-in

GM will soon introduce a re-badged version of its Chevrolet Volt in China known as the Buick Velite 5.


Slowing auto sales could be bad news for lenders

Moody's Investors Service has released a report indicating that the recent "plateauing" of the auto industry could pose a risk for lenders whose clients are stretching to close sales. As lenders fight over a diminishing pool of highly qualified buyers, riskier loan terms (what the report refers to as "accommodative financing") will likely be offered to keep business flowing.


Lamborghini Urus won't set 'Ring record

Lamborghini won't try to set a new Nurburgring record with the upcoming Urus SUV. It will nonetheless be one of the fastest off-roaders on the market, and it will be capable of holding its own off the beaten path.


Reborn Lagonda to take on Rolls-Royce

Aston Martin is serious about taking on Rolls-Royce with its recently revived Lagonda sub-brand. The company is set to introduce a sedan and a SUV around the turn of the decade.


BMW previews M4 GT4

BMW has published a teaser image to give us an early look at the M4 GT4. Developed exclusively for the track, the race car will arrive this summer with a turbocharged straight-six engine.   


Audi Sport rules out drift mode

Audi won't develop a drift mode to keep up with rivals Ford and AMG. "I don't like them. I do not see the reason for them," said the company's R&D boss.


Mercedes CLS going six-cylinder-only?

The next Mercedes-Benz CLS might not offer a V8 engine. The range-topping model will allegedly be axed to make space for the production version of the GT concept.


Piech sells stake in Porsche Holding SE

Ferdinand Piech is selling his 15-percent stake in the company that controls Volkswagen Group. The sale -- which is expected to bring in several billion dollars -- is the final move in a family dispute that has lasted for years.