By Drew Johnson
Thursday, Aug 9th, 2007 @ 10:42 am
Ford announced today that it will debut Sync, an on board computer connectivity system developed with Microsoft, as a $395 option on the 2008 Ford Focus arriving next month, followed by a select number of other 2008 Ford vehicles. Over the next couple of years, Sync will be offered as an option on several Ford and Mercury vehicles and as standard equipment on all Lincoln models.

According to The Detroit News, Sync will offer hands-free operation of MP3 players and cell phones, including the reading of text messages, as well being capable of vehicle diagnostics. Ford expects the simplicity and low cost of Sync to increase interest in its products and forecasts that at least half of all buyer will opt for the new technology. To aid in public acceptance, Ford will provide training to its dealerships on how to properly use all of the features Sync offers.

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