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Renault Zoe eSport concept specs released

The all-electric Renault Zoe eSport concept introduced last month at the Geneva Auto Show is quicker than a Formula E car. The prototype hits 62 mph from a stop in just 3.2 seconds.   


Gran Coupe outsells all other BMW 4 Series

The best-selling member of the BMW 4 Series family is the Gran Coupe, according to Motor1. The four-door model represents 54 percent of all 4 Series sold worldwide. The remaining 46 percent is split up between the coupe and the convertible variants.


FCA looking for new autonomous tech partners

FCA appears to be on the hunt for additional suppliers for autonomous vehicle tech. FCA already partners with Google's Waymo, but additional suppliers may be invited into the fold, Reuters reports.


Michigan next in line for 75-mile-per-hour speed limits

1,500 miles of Michigan highways will see their speed limits bumped by as much as 10 miles per hour, the Detroit Free Press reports. Some stretches will see their limits raised to 75. The plan calls for 600 miles of road to be re-signed for 75 MPH and an additional 900 miles bumping up to 65. The transition will take place this year and there's likely more to come; additional highways are currently under review by state officials.


Automotive News: Dodge Demon should be banned

Industry trade journal Automotive News believes the Dodge Challenger Demon should be banned from public roads. The publication doesn't make specific arguments to back up its point.


Hawaii, North Dakota getting first Supercharger stations

Hawaii and North Dakota will both inaugurate their first Supercharger stations before the end of the year. Tesla is committed to doubling the number of stations before the end of the year.   


Koenigsegg goes on hiring spree

Swedish supercar manufacturer Koenigsegg is hiring approximately 35 employees. The company wants to increase its production capacity while reducing delivery times by up to a year and a half.


2018 Honda Odyssey now in production

Honda's Alabama plant has begun production of the 2018 Odyssey.


Dale Earnhardt, Jr. to retire

Dale Earnhardt, Jr. has announced he will retire from NASCAR at the end of the 2017 season. The decision comes after 18 seasons and over 600 races.


BMW recalls M760i

BMW is recalling 97 examples of the M760i. These high-end, V12-powered machines are equipped with an incorrectly manufactured engine oil cooler lines that can cause a leak.