By Mark Kleis
Thursday, Dec 8th, 2011 @ 12:03 am
Ford Motor Company says that its iconic E-Series, the multi-configurable primarily commercial vehicle once known as the Econoline, will be produced for most of the remainder of the decade in at least some configurations.

That confirmation, provided by a Ford representative to Leftlane, conflicts with a report published earlier this week by USA Today.

The newspaper suggested that Ford would drop the E-Series when the European-designed Transit hits the market in 2013. Instead, Ford will continue to produce cutaway vans and motorhome chassis at an Ohio assembly plant through the better part of the next decade. The passenger and cargo vans, however, will give way to the Transit in 2013.

Automakers like Ford have struggled with discontinuing dated models that are nonetheless hugely popular with fleet buyers.

The Transit is set to be produced alongside the F-150 and upcoming Escape in Kansas City, while the E-Series has been produced at Ford's Avon Lake plant in Ohio.

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