By Mark Kleis
Tuesday, Jun 28th, 2011 @ 3:55 am
Chrysler's Jeep brand hasn't offered a pickup truck for years, something that was set to change as of later this year according to earlier reports.

But now, according to Jeep CEO Mike Manley via PickupTrucks, a lack of cash due to the thorough restructuring of the Chrysler brands has left the highly anticipated model on the back burner until more funding can be secured to fund the vehicle's development.

"Our resources are fully dedicated to small vehicles, [developing new transmissions] and working with Fiat. There are none left to work on the Jeep pickup [for now]," explained Manley.

While the news may sound like a hint at the uncertain future of the model, Manley did also go on to say that Chrysler has put considerable thought into the potential for the pickup, including sales in world markets. "There's clear interest in the U.S. for a pickup," said Manley. "It could [also] give us potential for some of our international markets even though the pickup market is slightly different outside of the U.S."

Manley went on to explain that although the automaker has not made any firm decisions regarding international sales, the brand see strong potential in a one-ton version in some Asian markets.

It is believed that the truck that ultimately comes in a form potentially not that unlike the Gladiator concept [pictured] will be based on the platform which underpins the four-door Wrangler Unlimited model currently for sale.

No new timeline was provided regarding the revised introduction date for the truck.

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