By Nick Aziz
Friday, Nov 11th, 2005 @ 9:54 am
The Gallardo high-performance sports car is Lamborghini's best selling model in the brand's history, the company said on Thursday after celebrating the 3,000th Gallardo that rolled off its assembly line. It eclipsed the previous record of 2,903 Diablos built over the course of 10 years. "It's a reason for us to be proud that this goal was reached in less than 24 months," Lamborghini Chief Executive Stefan Winkelmann said in a statement. The Gallardo sells for around $165,000, while the Diablo sold for $240,000. The Diablo offered 492 horsepower, while the Gallardo offers 500. See our recent report on one tuner's 1187 horsepower Diablo.

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