Jaguar planning long-wheelbase XE for China

Jaguar is in the final stages of developing a long-wheelbase variant of the XE, its entry-level sedan. Likely called XEL, the model is being developed exclusively for the Chinese market. We'll see it next month during the Shanghai Auto Show.


Uber wants Waymo's lawsuit to be negotiated privately

Mobility giant Uber is fighting to keep Alphabet Inc. (Owner of Google and autonomous vehicle developer Waymo) from pleading its intellectual property infringement case in public court, Automotive News reports. Uber's lawyers filed a motion Monday to request an arbitration hearing.


Ford GT gets five driving modes

The Ford GT features five built-in driving modes called normal, wet, sport, track, and v-max, respectively. Each mode is specifically tuned for a unique driving environment, according to the Blue Oval.    


NIO gets $600M investment

Chinese Google rival Baidu has invested $600 million in a startup electric car manufacturer named NIO. The money will be used to put an all-electric hatchback on the road by 2020.


Volvo focusing on EVs, not hydrogen

Volvo is focusing on electrification, and company boss Hakan Samuelsson doesn't believe hydrogen is the fuel of the future. He points out an all-new infrastructure is needed before hydrogen cars can become mainstream.


Ford to make "significant" investment in three plants

Ford is expected to announce "significant" investment in three of its Michigan factories. Ford hasn't commented on the report, and the UAW is keeping silent.


Nissan adding third GT-R trim line

Nissan will introduce the mid-level GT-R Track Edition at the New York auto show.


Tesla takes aim at BMW, Mercedes-Benz compacts

After revealing the new Model 3 release candidate last week, Telsa CEO Elon Musk touched on Tesla's production ramp-up strategy for its new volume model. If the EV automaker can hold to its forecasts, it will produce half a million units in 2018--unprecedented for a ground-up vehicle launch, says Bloomberg.


China to get a Buick plug-in

GM will soon introduce a re-badged version of its Chevrolet Volt in China known as the Buick Velite 5.


Slowing auto sales could be bad news for lenders

Moody's Investors Service has released a report indicating that the recent "plateauing" of the auto industry could pose a risk for lenders whose clients are stretching to close sales. As lenders fight over a diminishing pool of highly qualified buyers, riskier loan terms (what the report refers to as "accommodative financing") will likely be offered to keep business flowing.