By Mark Kleis
Wednesday, Apr 18th, 2012 @ 3:07 am
New details have emerged on the developing story involving the world's largest supplier of a key resin used in many automotive applications by various automakers worldwide.

Evonik Industries, the supplier which suffered a double fatality due to a massive explosion at its production facility in Marl, Germany, on March 31, has provided an updated timeline for its recovery. Following an emergency summit intended to help find solutions to the pending shortage of a resin known as PA-12, Evonik confirmed to Reuters that it will take at least three months before it can return to normal production levels.

In the interim, Evonik, other suppliers and automakers are scrambling to find a viable alternative to cyclododecatriene, or CDT, which is used to make the resin PA-12 used in various components such as brake and fuel lines. If alternatives cannot be found, several major automakers risk production halts due to the bottleneck created by the potential parts shortages.

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