By Andrew Ganz
Monday, Sep 29th, 2008 @ 9:57 am
The last minivan to be produced at General Motors' Doraville, Georgia, assembly plant rolled off the line on Friday, a day earlier than was expected. The 60 year-old plant had produced GM's various minivans for more than 10 years before the its last product - a Chevrolet Uplander - made its way down the line.

GM idled the approximately 1,000 workers who were still building vehicles at the plant. Four companies are vying to take over and redevelop the 165 acre facility, which is located just south of Atlanta. The plant's closure also marks the end of traditional minivan production for General Motors, just as Chevrolet launches its Lambda platform Traverse crossover, which the automaker hopes will serve as a multipurpose family hauler for the brand.

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