By Mark Kleis
Wednesday, Mar 9th, 2011 @ 4:15 pm
With a name like Guy Fieri the exotic car that likely first comes to mind isn't a Lamborghini, but that is apparently what Fieri had in mind before a very clever, and very determined criminal had his way with his Gallardo.

According to the story told by the San Francisco Chronicle based on accounts from local law enforcement, a brazen car thief climbed onto the roof of a Lamborghini dealership that was housing Fieri's yellow Gallardo, and then proceeded to repel down into the showroom to the waiting Gallardo, cut the garage door lock, and then proceeded to simply drive away.

Police were able to figure the heist out as the criminal left behind his handy bag of climbing gear for the cops to analyze. So far, no car and no word from Fieri have turned up.

1.'Guy Fieri's Lamborghini...' view

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