By Drew Johnson
Monday, Aug 24th, 2009 @ 12:20 pm
Honda plans to launch an all-electric vehicle in the United States by 2015, a new report finds. Honda has long been known for producing fuel-efficient vehicles, but the Japanese automaker will move to battery power in order to meet upcoming zero-emission regulations.

According to Japan's Nikkei business daily, Honda has begun development of an all-electric vehicle that will hit the U.S. market by 2015. Honda failed to confirm that launch date, but did reveal it is working on a battery-powered vehicle for the U.S. market.

Little else is known about the project, but Hond's EV is expected to be around the size of a minicar, with a range of at least 100 miles.

However, Honda is planning a hybrid version of its Fit small car for launch in late 2010, so it remains possible that the two programs will be related. An electrified version of the Fit would make a natural competitor to Nissan's upcoming Versa hatchback-based Leaf EV.

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