By Justin King
Wednesday, Feb 5th, 2014 @ 10:29 am
Honda has unveiled a new concept vehicle, the Vision XS-1, that will be on display at the New Delhi Auto Expo. The compact crossover represents the company's "man maximum, machine minimum" design approach, with a compact build that fits seven people in a three-row seating layout.

The body aesthetics resemble Honda's Urban SUV concept, which was partially realized in the Vezel crossover. The XS-1 goes several steps further into 'concept' territory, however, omitting a B-pillar in favor of a single sliding door on each side.

The XS-1 appears to integrate LED headlamps and unique fog lamps, with a chrome band that wraps around the tall engine compartment. On the inside, the modular interior takes a minimalist approach with few gauges and hardware controls.

The Vision XS-1 shows off Honda's "Exciting H" design language, however the crossover is not expected to serve as the basis for a production vehicle.

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