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Honda debuts sportier version of its S660 roadster

by Ben Hsu

The mid-engined S660 Modulo X gets suspension, aero, and brake upgrades.

Honda has announced an improved version of its S660, a mid-engined S660 roadster available only in Japan.

The S660 Modulo X comes with enhancements to the suspension, aerodynamics and brakes that Honda says "eliminates compromises" for a pure sports driving feel. Because the compact roadster falls under Japan's kei car rules that limit engine output to 63 horsepower, there will be no bumps in power to the 1,850-pound lightweight sports car.

Visually, the S660 Modulo X adopts a more aggressive front fascia, with larger intakes flanking the lower grille. Honda says that the face has fins to guide airflow, enhancing handling stability. The rear spoiler adds a Gurney flap to a Modulo X-only active rear spoiler. The lower rear fascia has been reshaped as well.

A new sports suspension can be adjusted to provide five different levels of dampening force. The brakes have been upgraded to cross-drilled rotors matched with performance brake pads. Both a 6-speed manual transmission and a CVT will be offered. Black alloys, 15-inches in front and 16-inches in back, are unique to the Modulo X.

Though available in four colors, including French Blue, British Green and Nighthawk Black, a color called Alabaster Silver Metallic, paired with Bordeaux Red interior, is exclusive to the S660 Modulo X. The Modulo X goes on sale in Japan July 6.