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Hyundai N brand wants to build a mid-engined halo car someday

by Ben Hsu

Three prototypes have been tested, but the N brand needs to build up to it.

Hyundai wants to create a mid-engined halo sports car for its N performance sub-brand someday, but it's already working towards that goal.

As reported by Top Gear, N division chief Albert Biermann says the company has already developed three versions of this halo car, called simply the Racing Midship for now. "We are still working on these cars, trying different things," Biermann said. "Maybe someday we will have such a car. There is no decision yet, but it could happen."

Biermann comes from BMW, where he was in charge of that company's performance sub-brand, called M. However, the chief shared with Top Gear some harsh words about his former employer. This passage is particularly interesting.

"My degree of freedom here is much bigger than at BMW," he tells us. "Now M badges go everywhere in the BMW range, but when I was there I had to fight like crazy for every car. Here I am more than welcome to do whatever I think we need to do."

That will take time. Biermann mentions that the Hyundai dealer network wouldn't yet know how to properly sell a hard core performance car. They will build up to the Midship Racing halo car someday, but they're off to a start with the i30N hot hatch in Europe and the Veloster N here in the US.