Aston Martin aims at Rolls-Royce with Lagonda sub-brand

Aston Martin has hatched a plan to return to the highest rung of the automotive industry.  The brand is re-launching... READ STORY

2 4h

Next Mercedes CLS could lose V8

Mercedes will sacrifice the V8-powered CLS to make room for AMG's four-door GT.

5 15h

Uber suspends autonomous testing program after crash

Though not at fault, the Uber vehicle was struck and rolled over.

7 18h

High on pot, two employees shut down BMW assembly line

It cost the company $1 million

4 1d

German tuner announces 405-hp Fiat 500 Abarth

It's fully street-legal, and headed to (limited) production.

19 1d

Musk: Tesla Model Y 'a few years away'

The Model X will remain Tesla's only crossover for now.

3 1d

2019 McLaren F1 homage is expensive, but not for a McLaren

The McLaren F1 was the most expensive car in the world when it launched; this one doesn't even crack the top five.

25 1d

Honda Civic Si torque number revealed

The figure was sent to a prospective buyer in an email.

10 2d

Audi Sport quattro concept won't reach production

We might get the next RS 6 Avant as a consolation prize.

3 2d

Techart unleashes 711-hp 911 Turbo Cabriolet

Techart turns the 911 Turbo into a weapon of mass destruction.


BMW previews M4 GT4

BMW has published a teaser image to give us an early look at the M4 GT4. Developed exclusively for the track, the race car will arrive this summer with a turbocharged straight-six engine.   


Piech sells stake in Porsche Holding SE

Ferdinand Piech is selling his 15-percent stake in the company that controls Volkswagen Group. The sale -- which is expected to bring in several billion dollars -- is the final move in a family dispute that has lasted for years.    http://bit.ly/2nE7HPJ


Uber suspends self-driving program

Uber has suspended it self-driving car program after one of its Volvo XC90-based prototypes was involved in an accident. The police say the prototype wasn't responsible for causing the crash. (Photo by Fresco News)   http://bit.ly/2nE7dcK


Audi RS 6 Avant could reach U.S. shores

The next generation of the Audi RS 6 Avant could be sold in the United States, according to <em>Car & Driver</em>. The wagon segment is small, but the company is trying to make a business case for it. If it's approved, it won't arrive before 2019.   http://bit.ly/2ofSEcr