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Tesla to double Superchargers in 2017, promises 'never wait'

California alone will receive more than 1,000 new Supercharger sites this year.

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Muscle cars, pickups extend GM-Ford rivalries to China

The Mustang and Camaro will help Detroit automakers take advantage of China's growing interest in American muscle.

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Supreme Court declines to hear GM's ignition switch appeal

Various claims could be worth billions of dollars, but plaintiffs must still prove the merits of their cases.

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Spied: Land Rover Range Rover Velar SVR

Range Rover will offer a high-performance Velar.

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Chevy Bolt to lose half its driving range in cold weather?

An official range calculator for the Opel Ampera-e shows range slashed by 64 percent when driving in sub-zero temperatures with the heater on.

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Shanghai 2017: the good, the bad, and the absurd

China has more auto-makers than any country in the world, so oddities and curiosities were plentiful.

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Subaru prices 2018 WRX, WRX STI

Subaru's WRX models are receiving a few new features and a higher price for 2018.

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Tesla Model X owner sues over falcon doors in fiery crash

The rear-seat occupants claim to have barely escaped by scrambling out the front doors before the crossover caught fire after a highway accident.

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Waymo: Uber hid LiDAR device from court

Uber denies the accusations.


PSA wants to sell more cars in China

Paris-based PSA Peugeot-Citroen-Opel wants to increase its presence in China, the world's largest auto market. It has been selling cars in China since the 1980s, but it's nowhere near as successful as rivals like Volkswagen. "China is the biggest market in the world. We want to become a global car maker, so it is important for us to be successful in China," explained company boss Carlos Tavares.   http://bit.ly/2p7QlK3


Subaru prices 2018 WRX, WRX STI

The updated Subaru WRX carries a base price of $27,855 once a mandatory destination charge is factored in. The Premium trim costs $31,355, while the Limited is priced at $32,455. Pricing for the WRX STI ranges from $36,995 to $41,755.   


Mercedes-AMG C63 won't offer AWD

Mercedes-AMG boss Tobias Moers has confirmed the C63 will not receive the company's 4Matic all-wheel drive system. Additionally, the more hardcore Black Series model is in limbo because the high-performance brand is currently too busy.   http://bit.ly/2p8fggC


Audi begins taking reservations for E-Tron Quattro

Audi's Norwegian division is now taking reservations for the E-Tron Quattro, an electric crossover aimed at the Tesla Model X. Buyers can reserve Audi's upcoming battery-powered model by putting down a $2,900 deposit. So far, a reservation program for the United States hasn't been announced yet.   http://bit.ly/2oXawMl


Honda Civic Type R sets 'Ring record

The Honda Civic Type R has lapped Germany's Nurburgring track in seven minutes and 43 seconds, a new record for a front-wheel drive car. The previous record of seven minutes and 47 seconds was set by the Volkswagen GTI Clubsport S.