By Nick Aziz
Friday, Jan 6th, 2006 @ 9:15 am
Several images have leaked online of what is purportedly the much-anticipated Ferrari F600 "Imola." While some Ferrari fans are questioning the authenticity of these images, we suspect they are authentic, considering the close proximity to two major auto shows. Moreover, there are multiple angles of the car all at very high resolution, which would be difficult to fake. Lastly, the photos seem to jive with recent spy photos of the Imola. Update: Recently, we reported that Ferrari might revive the Testarossa nameplate for the F600. While we have no official confirmation that this is the case, something tipped us off that it just might be true. The wheels shown in our F600 pictures appear to take inspiration from the star-shaped wheels on the original Testarossa. Many large images after the jump...

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