By Ronan Glon
Monday, Jun 24th, 2013 @ 3:03 am
A report coming out of England indicates that Jaguar is in the early stages of developing a range-topping version of the upcoming F-Type coupe that will outrun the Porsche 911 Turbo S

Tentatively called F-Type R-S, the hot-rodded coupe will pack an advanced gasoline-electric hybrid drivetrain derived from the C-X75, an experimental supercar that was killed before reaching showrooms. Details are still scarce, but the drivetrain will reportedly mix a downsized engine fed with both a supercharger and a turbocharger with several electric motors in order to churn out around 700 horsepower. Inside sources told English magazine AutoExpress that the car will be capable of breaking the 200-mph mark.

Visually, the car will look much more aggressive than the F-Type coupe thanks to model-specific aerodynamic add-ons and eye-catching paint colors. The coupe will benefit from a lowered and stiffened suspension and upgraded brakes on all four corners.

If the rumor proves true, the F-Type R-S will go on sale - likely as a limited edition - in 2016 at the very earliest. The coupe variant of the F-Type will be unveiled at a major auto show next year.

Photos by Nick Jaynes and Jaguar.

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