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Jaguar considering all-electric supercar?

by Justin King

The company is keeping an open mind as the I-Pace platform begins to spawn more models.

Jaguar may be considering an all-electric supercar to eventually serve as a flagship of its growing EV range.

Speaking to Australia's Motoring, Jaguar Land Rover engineering director Dr Wolfgang Ziebart suggested the company is expecting a surge in demand for EVs as customers begin to experience the performance of electric powertrains. Luckily, the I-Pace's platform architecture is designed to be flexible and "definitely scalable" to be used in other niches.

"EV is a very elegant solution for an automobile, and that's transferable from something that's a city car all the way up to a hypercar," he said.

Jaguar in 2010 presented the C-X75 concept, powered by a turbine hybrid system. The supercar development project was eventually scrapped in favor of all-electric sedans and SUVs.

Unconfirmed rumors point to an electric luxury sedan and another battery-powered crossover. An executive recently hinted that the I-Pace's powertrain could be upgraded to hit 60 mph in just 1.8 seconds.