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Waymo begins testing Jaguar I-Pace

by Justin King

The company has received three I-Pace vehicles, enabling engineers to begin gathering data before adding self-driving hardware.

Waymo has received its first Jaguar I-Pace electric vehicles, giving the company early access in the US as JLR completes its own development testing.

Waymo has received just three units so far, allowing engineers to begin collecting design and performance data. The information will be used to develop and refine the necessary sensor and software suite that will convert the crossover into a self-driving taxi.

Eventually, up to 20,000 I-Pace vehicles will be added to Waymo's fleet as the company rolls out public service in the next few years.

The I-Pace will be among several vehicle types available to Waymo riders. A mobile app will provide a choice between vehicles, enabling users to pick a minivan for a family outing or the I-Pace for night-life expeditions.

Waymo expects to begin giving rides to be public later this year. It is unlikely the autonomous I-Pace fleet will be ready at launch, however.