KTM X-Bow now available for purchase in the U.S. [Pricing update]
Top Gear reviewer revisits SLK55 with purchasing story


Lamborghini Huracan Performante to debut in Geneva

Lamborghini has confirmed the Huracan Performante will make its global debut at the Geneva Auto Show. The model is shaping up to be one of the fastest Lamborghini street cars ever built.   


Subaru teases new Crosstrek

Subaru has announced it will introduce the next Crosstrek at the Geneva Auto Show. The model will be based on the all-new Impreza launched late last year.   


Wal-Mart to begin selling cars

You might buy your next car inside of a Wal-Mart. The retail giant has partnered with CarSaver to let buyers select, insure, and finance a vehicle in-store, according to Automotive News. The program will kick off in April in Houston, Dallas, Phoenix, and Oklahoma City.


2019 Ford Explorer to get evolutionary design

The next generation of the Ford Explorer will be more of an evolution than a revolution in terms of styling. The story will be different under the skin, where the next Explorer is expected to make extensive use of aluminum.   


Tesla rolls out Autopilot update for newer models

Tesla today is rolling out second-generation Autopilot update to all of its Model S and X vehicles built since October 2016, according to company CEO Elon Musk's new Twitter post. He says that some cars will require camera pitch angle adjustment by Tesla's service department. The over-the-air update is available for second-generation Autopilot hardware, which until now have been have been without safety features that are available in many older Tesla cars such as Forward Collision Warning but also adds Autosteer (limited to 45 mph for now) and traffic-aware cruise control (until 75 mph). Newer Tesla's still will not have Autopilot and semi-autonomous features offered in older models--because the software is still in development for the newer, more advanced hardware.


Musk: expect "major" Tesla hardware every 12-18 months

Elon Musk says that customers should expect major Tesla upgrades every 1-1.5 years in a Twitter response to a customer requesting retrofits for earlier models: "Tesla will never stop innovating. People are buying the wrong car if they expect this. There will be major revs every 12 to 18 months...If we applied resources to doing super complex retrofits, our pace of innovation would drop dramatically."


First annual Monaco Auto Show taking place next month

The first Monaco Auto Show will take place from February 16th to the 19th. "It's the first motor show where ecology, innovation, technology and prestige combine with mobility and high consumer's experience," according to the organizers. Leftlane will be on-location to check it out first-hand.