By Mark Kleis
Friday, Aug 27th, 2010 @ 5:04 pm
It's no secret that Detroit has fallen hard and far from its glory days when the U.S. automakers were pumping out countless cars and enjoying massive expansion and profits.

People flocked to Detroit, major buildings and economic centers were constructed, and then, faster than it came, it was gone. Michigan's once flourishing economic center now pales in comparison to its once mighty days, but Johnny Knoxville and Palladium boots have set out to show the world the positive side of modern Detroit.

In doing so, the former stunt man straps on a pair of Palladium boots and hits the streets of Motor City to see how creative artists and entrepreneurs are doing their part to beautify and regrow the city from within. The mission is two-fold, as Palladium, a heritage boot company which relaunched just last year, is hoping to spread the word about its boots, while Knoxville is tasked with finding the people of Motor City who are looking to rebuild the once-great city from within.

The full video is set to be revealed on August 30th.

1.'Shelby considering twin-turbo...' view

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