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Lamborghini recalls Aventador, Veneno, and Centenario

by Ronan Glon

The cars need a software update.

Lamborghini has issued a recall that applies to 1,700 examples of the Aventador and the Aventador Roadster made between 2012 and 2018. It also includes Aventador-derived models like the Centenario and the Veneno.

The company explains the car's seven-speed ISR transmission could downshift automatically while the 12-cylinder engine is low in the rev range. This might cause it to stall, meaning the driver would need to pull over, put the car in park, and start it up again. As much as we like hearing the naturally-aspirated V12 roar to life, we understand this is not the kind of situation drivers want to experience.

Lamborghini explains the fix is simple. Owners will need to take their car to the nearest dealership where a technician will update the engine management software free of charge, according to Motor Authority. They'll receive a recall notice by mail but we suspect they already know who they are.

Even the world's fastest and most expensive cars aren't immune to recall campaigns. Lamborghini recently recalled the 11 examples of the Centenario registered in the United States due to a typo on their car's certification label. Last year, Bugatti recalled its Chiron over defective welds while Pagani has recalled the Huayra twice in the past two years.