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Lamborghini builds 10,000th Huracan

by Justin King

The milestone will likely be eclipsed by the high-riding Urus within a few years.

Lamborghini has manufactured its 10,000th Huracán, achieving the milestone just four years after the V10-powered supercar entered production.

More than 2,500 units were produced just last year, accounting for a clear majority of Lamborghini's 3,815 global sales. The numbers represent a 12 percent increase in Huracán sales over 2016.

The Huracán is now available in six unique flavors: the Performante, Performante Spyder and four-wheel- and rear-wheel-drive versions of the standard coupe and spyder.

The company is currently entering a significant growth phase, buoyed by increasing wealth at the top end of the income spectrum. Perhaps more importantly, the Raging Bull marque is now jumping on the SUV bandwagon with the Urus.

The Urus will presumably eclipse all current models in terms of annual sales within a few years.