By Ben Hsu
Saturday, Nov 30th, 2013 @ 2:01 pm

Las Vegas resident Mark Parisi loves the Nissan 370Z so much that he's literally willing to sell his nut for one. In a publicity clip for the new CBS show The Doctors, Parisi revealed that he is giving up one of his testicles to a medical research institute for $35,000.

Parisi, a marketer for an upscale coffee shop and bakery, didn't specify which version of the 370Z he wanted, but the amount is apparently a standard fee for the male reproductive organ. In return, Parisi will be able to purchase a 2014 Nissan 370Z, which starts at $29,990 for the base version. Or, for $33,020 he could get the limited slip differential, 19-inch wheels and larger brakes that come with the Sport Package. Parisi's own package plus another $270 would be able to net him the 370Z Touring, which adds leather upholstery, navi, and a Bose sound system. A 370Z Roadster, however, would be out of range as it starts at $41,470.

Many would say that a sports car, even one with 332 horsepower from Nissan's venerable 3.7-liter V6, is not worth forgoing one's manhood. Parisi has been a featured on another reality show, TLC's Extreme Cheapskates. As it turns out, he's used his body for other paid experiments, including an Ebola study that netted him $5,000 a week. Parisi claims to have earned over $150,000 in two years by being a human guinea pig.

Video courtesy Jason Torchinsky.

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