By Nick Aziz
Monday, Dec 19th, 2005 @ 4:46 pm
Drag Times this afternoon posted a photo gallery of the latest Mac computer installation in a car. This time, the test car is an Infiniti M45 Sport, and the test computer is an Apple Mac mini. This is a particularly slick example of a Mac being installed in a luxury car. Audio out was accomplished via a Griffin iMic, while video worked through Apple's standard DVI to Composite video adapter. For remote control, the user installed "Salling Clicker" on a Palm Treo 650 handheld. A Kensington bluetooth mini-mouse can also be used for browsing the web (where wireless access is available) and controlling the computer. Installing a computer in a car didn't always seem like the best idea -- think iDrive, only worse. But Apple recently introduced a new software package called "Front Row" for accessing multimedia content in a living room setting. It just so happens that Front Row also works beautifully in a car. (See also: a PowerBook G4 with Front Row in an Audi A6, and a similar installation in a Ford F-150.

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