By Drew Johnson
Wednesday, Apr 18th, 2012 @ 5:16 pm
Incentives are a common way for automakers to move unwanted iron, but we've never heard of anything quite as drastic as what Daimler has put on the hood of its lame duck Maybach brand of cars.

According to AOL Autos, Maybach is offering $100,000 cash back on its Type 57 and Type 62 models. You read that right, $100,000.

The reason for the massive incentive? Maybach parent Daimler announced in late 2011 that it was killing off the brand after nine years of sluggish sales. Daimler originally set off to sell 1,100 Maybach vehicles per year, but only managed 157 global sales in 2010.

Moreover, it's been reported that Maybach actually loses $500,000 on every vehicle sold.

But before you run out to grab a fire sale Maybach, you better make sure you have enough Benjamins in the bank. Even with the $100,000 discount, the Maybach 57 will still set you back $276,300, with the 62 commanding an even higher $327,700.

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