By Nat Shirley
Tuesday, Apr 17th, 2012 @ 4:16 pm
Mazda's engine lineup has been reinvigorated by the recent addition of a four-cylinder featuring the automaker's new and efficient Skyactiv technology.

However, a Skyactiv V6 isn't in the automaker's plans, Mazda U.S. senior vice president Robert Davis stated during an interview with Car & Driver. Instead, it seems Mazda will quietly cease to offer six-cylinder power: the upcoming Mazda6 sedan will come exclusively with four-cylinder motors, and Davis hinted that the next CX-9 crossover will use a turbocharged four-banger.

The move will help meet increasingly stringent global fuel economy standards and should allow Mazda to focus its energy on designing and building high-volume four-cylinder mills.

It will also free up resources that could be put to use in developing new iterations of the Rotary engine - Davis said that Mazda is currently exploring using a new, more efficient Rotary with SkyActiv-derived technologies as both a conventional and range-extending engine.

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