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McLaren BP23 'Hyper GT' will beat F1's 243-mph top speed

by Justin King

The company will fully reveal the new three-seater later this year.

McLaren has released a few more teaser sketches for its upcoming 'Hyper GT,' referred to by the development monicker BP23.

The company promises the car will be its most luxurious and fastest street-legal model yet, exceeding the iconic F1's 243-mph benchmark after two decades.

Like the F1, the BP23 will place the driver in a front-and-center position ahead of a pair of passenger seats.

A gasoline-electric hybrid system will help the BP23 achieve its performance status. The company has not yet announced specific technical details, however.

The limited production run of 106 units quickly sold out, despite a price tag starting above $2 million. Depositors will get a first peek at the as-yet-unnamed car ahead of the public debut late this year.