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McLaren to reveal limited-edition 570GT in Beijing

by Justin King

The company has collaborated with a Chinese designer, creating a unique 570GT that employs traditional Chinese craftsmanship.

McLaren has confirmed plans to show a China-exclusive 570GT configuration in Beijing.

The British automaker teamed with a Chinese designer to build a unique Sports Series variant that celebrates the country's culture, with styling that aims to evoke traditional Chinese craftsmanship.

"The limited run will be exclusively retailed in the country, incorporate traditional Chinese elements with a modern twist alongside hand-crafted panels from a traditional Chinese embroidery master," the company says.

The supercar specialist is making a big push into the world's largest automotive market, which will soon be greeted by the imported 570S Spider and 720S. The company expects to double its sales there this year.

The limited-production 570GT will be on display in Beijing alongside the Senna, McLaren's 'ultimate' street-legal track car.