Mercedes-Benz delivers fresh Project ONE supercar teaser
Frankfurt show sees 13-percent attendance drop


Ford to build electric SUV in Mexico, not Michigan

Ford won't build its upcoming electric SUV in Michigan after all. Production will instead take place in Mexico. The company needs the production capacity in its Flat Rock factory to manufacture self-driving cars, the company explains.   


Jailed Volkswagen exec could ask to serve sentence in Germany

Former Volkswagen executive Oliver Schmidt could ask the U.S. Department of Justice to serve his seven-year prison sentence in Germany, according to Automotive News. The request would have to be approved by authorities in both countries.   


"Flying Doctors" will perform Bugatti recall

Bugatti recently had to recall every example of the Chiron over faulty seat welds. The company will dispatch so-called Flying Doctors to come get the car and transport it to the nearest service center in an enclosed truck. 47 examples are affected by the recall, according to Bloomberg, including 12 in the United States.   


BMW not interested in removing the steering wheel

Even autonomous BMWs will continue to offer a steering wheel, the German company promises. "By giving the driver the choice, then they can have the best of both worlds - the convenience of autonomy when they want it or the opportunity to enjoy the pleasure of driving when it suits them," explained the head of BMW's i division.   


McLaren explains glass panels in Senna's doors

The glass panels in the McLaren Senna's doors add a little weight, but it was worth it. "The lightest iteration of the car will have carbon panels there. But the glazed panels you see are made from very thin, very durable Gorilla Glass. The extra view of the road they give is amazing. I can't think why we didn't do it before," the company told Autocar.   


Anheuser-Busch orders 40 Tesla trucks

Your favorite beer will sooner or later get delivered to your favorite bar without burning a drop of diesel. Anheuser-Busch has ordered 40 examples of the Tesla truck. The company is also working with Utah-based Nikola, whose emissions-free trucks run on hydrogen.   


Updated Alfa Romeo 4C coming next year?

Alfa Romeo will update the 4C next year, according to insiders. "We are coming back to Formula 1 and we need the 4C to be our halo car," said engineering boss Roberto Fedeli. The tweaks will include suspension and steering modifications, and the 4C could even get a new engine. Don't wait for a manual transmission, however.   


Volkswagen issues stop-sale order for T6 van over diesel concern

"Emissions uncertainties" caused Volkswagen to stop deliveries of the Multivan and the Transporter in Europe. Reuters reports the company detected diesel-powered models emit more nitrogen oxide than they are allowed to, and it quickly notified the authorities. The issue is unrelated to the so-called defeat device in TDI-powered cars. Volkswagen is complying with German authorities to find a solution, and it has issued a stop-sale order in the meantime.   


Kahn plans Defender-based Maybach G650 rival

The Land Rover Defender died about two years ago, but that's not stopping British tuner Kahn from trying to one-up the Mercedes-Maybach G650 Landaulet. An early sketch of the car shows it has three axles and a power soft top like the Maybach's. We expect the off-roader to make its debut in March at the Geneva Auto Show.   


Alpine planning lighter, more hardcore A110

Renault's born-again Alpine division will expand its line-up with a lighter, more hardcore version of the brand-new A110, according to Auto Express. It's not headed to America, however.