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Project One tech trickling down to other AMG models

by Ronan Glon

Electric turbochargers are right around the corner.

Mercedes-AMG's halo car, the Project One, isn't just a rolling display of the brand's engineering might. It also previews some of the technology that will trickle down to the company's volume-produced models in the coming years.

"You can expect some technologies transferred from Project One to our other cars. We are chasing performance with hybrids, not long range. We could do that, but our first approach is a performance approach," AMG boss Tobias Moers told Digital Trends.

Without going into too many details, he pointed to the electric turbocharger that equips the Project One's 1.6-liter V6. Similar technology will find its way into other AMG-badged cars in the not-too-distant future.

The AMG GT concept from last year's Geneva show was another technology demonstrator. In form, it accurately previewed the GT Four-Door introduced a few weeks ago. On paper, it gave us a preview of the powerful plug-in hybrid powertrain that will replace the V12 at the top of AMG's engine hierarchy in the coming years.

"Maybe you remember the GT concept from Geneva last year. It had a V8 engine in the front and an electric motor on the rear axle. Everything is in development. It will go into production one day," Moers said, adding the concept's specs -- about 850 horsepower -- will "more or less" carry over to production.