By Mark Kleis
Thursday, Feb 23rd, 2012 @ 3:13 am
There are few things left in the auto industry whose sacred nature is respected. Porsche's top-selling model is an SUV, the manual is dying, and now, it appears the SLS AMG is growing another set of doors.

The suggestion of a four-door Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG model stems from a series of photos filed at a German patent office, later picked up by Autoblog and Motor Authority. The images clearly show a stretched version of the SLS with an extra set of suicide doors to go along with the iconic gullwing doors.

Of course, the documents are unconfirmed from Mercedes-Benz, as the automaker gave a big "No comment" to Autoblog when asked about them. It is possible the filing was a "just in case" move to keep the door open to future possibilities given the way many exotic and high-end luxury sports cars have been moving towards four-door variants lately.

It should also be noted that the documentation accompanying the illustrations apparently went into a fair amount of detail (in German) about weight savings due to the special design of how the doors would be attached and function. With a top-dollar performance car of this nature, a unique solution to the weight problem associated with adding two more doors could be what it takes to make a push towards production.

For now, we file this under "maybe," as we will have to wait and see if any further information leaks from the German automaker before claiming that a four-door SLS AMG is heading to a dealer lot near you.

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