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Mercedes-Benz shows EQC prototype drifting on ice

by Justin King

The EQC will be the first model in the new \'EQ\' sub-brand when it arrives on the market next year.

Mercedes-Benz has posted a few teaser pictures of its upcoming EQC electric crossover.

The prototype pictured playing on the ice appears to match recent spy shots, save for a temporary three-pointed star logo slapped onto the camouflaged grille.

The EQC was being put through cold-weather trials alongside the GLC F-Cell, the first EV to combine a fuel-cell stack and plug-in battery to address the lack of hydrogen refueling infrastructure.

The company is apparently satisfied with the performance of both vehicles. Their respective powertrains bring unique challenges in cold weather, including reduced output from cold batteries and issues cold-starting a fuel-cell stack.

"We are already a long way along the road: mechanically, the car is already in an excellent place, so we are now concentrating on fine-tuning prior to the vehicle launch," says EQC chief engineer Michael Kelz.

The EQC is slated to land in showrooms sometime late next year.