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Introduced by Honda in the mid-1980s as a way to capture the increasingly popular - and profitable - premium segment, Acura has evolved into a nearly full-line luxury division with its own unique products.

While early Acura offerings were closely related to Hondas sold in North America and other markets, the division began to carve out a niche for itself in the late 1990s. Initially, Acura was essentially a...
 dumping ground for Japanese-market Hondas, including the famed mid-engined NSX sports car, but the division¬ís current lineup is almost entirely homegrown and aimed primarily at buyers in North America. Acura is also marketed in China, but the division is not sold as a unique brand in Japan.

Although Lexus has become the largest and most famous premium Japanese brand, Acura actually beat that Toyota division to the punch by several years. Like Lexus, Acura has developed a reputation for high-end products and the kind of kid-gloves service that quickly became the envy of the industry.

Today, Acura’s lineup consists primarily of sedans and crossovers, many of which are built in North America at Honda assembly plants. Acura emphasizes technologically advanced features not necessarily found in rivals, as well as unique, edgy and often controversial styling. Moreover, Honda uses Acura to experiment in new segments; its five-door ZDX crossover was perhaps the best-known example since it combined the stance of the more family-oriented MDX with an unconventional design of its own.