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Fix for older VW TDI models approved

EPA and CARB will announce approval of Volkswagen's plan to retrofit upgraded emissions controls to 2009-2014 TDI models Thursday, Reuters reports. The fix applies to nearly 300,000 vehicles sold prior to the implementation of diesel exhaust fluid treatment systems.


Volvo to partner with CNN to stream eclipse live via 360-degree cameras

Volvo is partnering with CNN to live-stream the 2017 solar eclipse via 360-degree cameras. Viewing options will include normal 4K video and VR, and the stream will be available online on CNN's web site.


BMW i3 in Spaghetti wrap goes for nearly $120,000 at charity auction

A BMW i3 dubbed the "Spaghetti Car" sold for 100,000 euros at this year's Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation auction dedicated to "[p]rotecting the long-term health and well-being of all Earth's inhabitants."   


Porsche to announce departure from WEC LMP1 class

Porsche is expected to announce within the next 24 hours that it intends to abandon its LMP1 campaign in the FIA World Endurance Championship, sportscar365 reports, following a Wednesday meeting to determine the fate of the program. Porsche's departure would leave Toyota as the sole team in the class, which would likely result in the Japanese automaker retiring as well.


Ford expects increasingly slower sales, decline in year-end performance

Ford is expecting its year-end performance to fall below that of 2016's despite better-than-expected second-quarter profits, Reuters reports. Ford's improvement came on the backs of its higher-margin vehicles, while less-profitable small cars contributed to a 43,000-unit sales deficit worldwide (8,000 here in the States).


Fuel-burning engines may be off-limits in the UK by 2040

The UK government announced this week that it is doubling down on its plan to end sales of gasoline- and diesel-powered cars within its borders by the year 2040, committing further investment to electrification infrastructure and ULEV programs in the meantime.


BMW 8 Series spied on the Ring

BMW will soon dust off the old 8 Series nameplate for an all-new flagship coupe. Filling the void left by the departed 6 Series coupe, the new 8 Series is expected to make its market introduction in 2018.


McLaren preps P15 hypercar

McLaren is working on a new hypercar called the P15. Essentially a P1 without the hybrid drivetrain, the P15 is expected to debut by year's end.


First take: 2018 Hyundai Elantra GT Sport

"Though still a little short of the VW Golf GTI in terms of driving dynamics, the 2018 Elantra GT Sport is also expected to be cheaper by a few grand."


Waze now available via Android Auto

Google's smartphone integration platform is now compatible with Waze, the popular navigation app featuring crowd-sourced traffic information. Owners of compatible phones and vehicles will be able to operate Waze via voice commands and factory entertainment interfaces.