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With its one product looking as otherworldly as a Hot Wheels race car, Caparo is anything but ordinary. The automaker was founded in Great Britain in 2006 with the goal of building a high-performance sports car for the most track-enthusiastic buyers imaginable.

To that end, Caparo secured Graham Halstead and Ben Scott-Geddes, two engineers whose resumes include the renowned McLaren F1 sports car. ...
Caparo’s T1 high-performance car was unveiled to the world in 2006 by Albert II, the Prince of Monaco, at the Top Marques auto salon in Monaco. With performance specifications and statistics more akin to a Formula 1 or Indy racing car, the T1 is a single-door car powered by a Menard V8 motor that cranks out around 575 horsepower. While that might not seem like an especially powerful figure for a supercar, it’s worth noting that the T1 tips the scales at a mere 1,000 lbs.

The T1 went on to receive critical acclaim from Britain’s “Top Gear” television program, although there was some hubbub over the test car’s inability to go over a traditional speed bump. However, the TV show used an early production T1 that didn’t feature the height-adjustable suspension used on standard production vehicles.

Caparo builds about 25 cars a year; its future products are unknown.