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As American as apple pie, Chevrolet is General Motors’ more than 100-year-old flagship brand. Founded in 1911 by Swiss émigré Louis Chevrolet, the brand soon fell under the General Motors umbrella as a direct rival to Ford.

The bowtie brand, as it is colloquially known, has long fought for dominance in the American marketplace with Ford, with both sides routinely trading place in terms of both...
 overall sales and technological impact. Notable Chevrolets over the years have included icons like the ‘57 Bel Air, the ‘53 Corvette and the ‘67 Camaro.

Chevrolet trucks have long been an integral part of the brand’s lineup; by the 1990s, they were about the only products keeping GM afloat.

When the automaker declared bankruptcy in 2009, it whittled down its brands and Chevrolet was made into its mainstream global offering. As a result, modern Chevrolet-badged vehicles are typically designed by a collaborative effort between GM engineers in the United States, South Korea, Australia, Germany and elsewhere. For the first time ever, Chevrolet-badged vehicles are sold in almost every new car market in the world.

The company’s longest-running nameplate is its Corvette, a high-performance sports car that got off to a slow start in 1953 but soon became an icon on its own. A reborn Camaro further boosted Chevrolet’s performance efforts just months after GM filed for bankruptcy, but its biggest game changers in recent years have arguably been its sedans, the Cruze and Malibu. Meanwhile, the Chevrolet Volt became the world’s first extended-range EV at its launch in late 2009. How it will move Chevrolet - and GM - in a different direction is as of yet unknown.