Nissan adding third GT-R trim line

Nissan will introduce the mid-level GT-R Track Edition at the New York auto show.   http://bit.ly/2naem0s


Tesla takes aim at BMW, Mercedes-Benz compacts

After revealing the new Model 3 release candidate last week, Telsa CEO Elon Musk touched on Tesla's production ramp-up strategy for its new volume model. If the EV automaker can hold to its forecasts, it will produce half a million units in 2018--unprecedented for a ground-up vehicle launch, says Bloomberg.   http://bloom.bg/2nF2FCU


China to get a Buick plug-in

GM will soon introduce a re-badged version of its Chevrolet Volt in China known as the Buick Velite 5.   http://bit.ly/2nnwIfW


Slowing auto sales could be bad news for lenders

Moody's Investors Service has released a report indicating that the recent "plateauing" of the auto industry could pose a risk for lenders whose clients are stretching to close sales. As lenders fight over a diminishing pool of highly qualified buyers, riskier loan terms (what the report refers to as "accommodative financing") will likely be offered to keep business flowing.   http://reut.rs/2nnioUF


Lamborghini Urus won't set 'Ring record

Lamborghini won't try to set a new Nurburgring record with the upcoming Urus SUV. It will nonetheless be one of the fastest off-roaders on the market, and it will be capable of holding its own off the beaten path.    http://bit.ly/2nEqtGW


Reborn Lagonda to take on Rolls-Royce

Aston Martin is serious about taking on Rolls-Royce with its recently revived Lagonda sub-brand. The company is set to introduce a sedan and a SUV around the turn of the decade.    http://bit.ly/2nEhky2


BMW previews M4 GT4

BMW has published a teaser image to give us an early look at the M4 GT4. Developed exclusively for the track, the race car will arrive this summer with a turbocharged straight-six engine.   


Audi Sport rules out drift mode

Audi won't develop a drift mode to keep up with rivals Ford and AMG. "I don't like them. I do not see the reason for them," said the company's R&D boss.   http://bit.ly/2nmAo1L


Mercedes CLS going six-cylinder-only?

The next Mercedes-Benz CLS might not offer a V8 engine. The range-topping model will allegedly be axed to make space for the production version of the GT concept.    http://bit.ly/2nE42l9


Piech sells stake in Porsche Holding SE

Ferdinand Piech is selling his 15-percent stake in the company that controls Volkswagen Group. The sale -- which is expected to bring in several billion dollars -- is the final move in a family dispute that has lasted for years.    http://bit.ly/2nE7HPJ