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Switzerland's Tesla S fighter takes shape

A Swiss company named Elextra is moving forward with the development of a luxurious electric sedan. The Lamborghini-esque four-door will sprint from zero to 62 mph in under 2.3 seconds, according to the company.


Next-gen Dacia Duster to debut in Frankfurt?

The second generation of the hot-selling Dacia Duster will greet the public for the first time this fall at the Frankfurt Auto Show, according to a recent report. The new model will ride on an evolution of its predecessor's platform.


Tuner builds 405-hp Abarth 500

A German tuner named Pogea Racing has developed an Abarth 500 with 405 horsepower under the hood. The hottest of all Fiat hatches hits 62 mph from a stop in 4.1 seconds. Just five examples will be built.    


Chrysler 300 ranks last for safety complaints

A new study finds Chrysler 300 owners are 2.5 times more likely to complain about safety-related issues than the industry average. Autoblog reports the issues include electrical gremlins that cause the car to stall while driving or not start; a few owners even reported exploding alternators.


Porsche employees receive nearly $10,000 bonus

Porsche enjoys one of the fattest profit margins in the industry. It's sharing the love by giving about 21,000 of its employees a €9,111 (roughly $9,800) bonus this year.   


VW-owned SEAT confirms flagship SUV

Volkswagen's Spanish SEAT division has confirmed plans to introduce a flagship SUV next year. Built in Wolfsburg, the model will be closely related to the U.S.-spec 2018 Tiguan.


Skoda previews Kodiaq Coupe

Skoda has released a dark teaser shot to preview an upcoming concept named Vision E. The rakish silhouette suggests the show car is a so-called coupe variant of the Kodiaq SUV. The Vision E is expected to debut next month at the Shanghai Auto Show.   


Dodge Demon teased for the 11th time

Dodge has released the 11th Demon teaser. This week, we learn the coupe features a TransBrake system that locks up the transmission's output shaft for faster launches.    


Bentley Bentayga ends up in FL scrapyard

A Bentley Bentayga worth over a quarter of a million dollars is sitting in a Florida junkyard. Jalopnik reports the SUV was stolen and the owner was paid out before it was recovered, so it received a salvage title. Bidding currently stands at $112,000.


Toyota Mirai billboards scrub NOx emissions from the air

The billboards are coated in titanium dioxide, converting nitrogen oxides into nitrates that are removed from the air. The array of 37 billboards is claimed to remove NOx emissions equivalent to more than 5,000 vehicles per month.