Chevrolet Bolt takes on Volkswagen GTI in drag race

A group of enthusiasts put a Volkswagen Golf GTI and a Chevrolet Bolt head-to-head in a drag race. On paper, the GTI is 0.3 seconds quicker to 60 mph than the Bolt. And yet, the battery-powered Chevrolet beats its Volkswagen-badged rival in two of the three races.


BMW, Specialized launch e-bike

BMW has teamed up with bicycle manufacturer Specialized to build a limited-edition e-bike. The Turbo Levo FSR 6Fattie receives a coat of Phytonic Blue paint, which is one of the X3's launch colors. It also gets edition-specific BMW emblems, and a color-coded water bottle. Pricing starts at 5,200 euros, which represents about $5,850.



BMW wants U.S. - Europe free trade deal

Harald Krueger, BMW's chairman of the board, made a case for a free trade deal between the United States and Europe. "I firmly believe free trade and open markets are important for future success. It is essential for global business and economies around the world to flourish," he told Motor1 during the launch of the new X3.   


Study: Oregon is the best road trip state

Planning on going on a road trip this summer? A recent study finds Oregon is the most road trip-friendly state in the nation. Researchers looked at factors like gas prices, the number of car thefts per capita, and the percentage of the area designated as national parkland. Utah and Washington came in second and third, respectively, while Connecticut is dead last.   


Formula 1: the rankings after Azerbaijan

After this weekend's Azerbaijan Grand Prix, Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel remains in first place overall with 153 points. Mercedes-AMG pilot Lewis Hamilton is in second with 139 points, and his teammate Valtteri Bottas is third with 111 points. Mercedes-AMG is in the lead in the constructor championship with 250 points. Ferrari and Red Bull are second and third with 226 and 137 points, respectively.   


Dodge brings legal drag racing back to Woodward Ave

Ever dream of legally drag racing along the iconic Woodward Avenue? Thanks to Dodge and TEN: The Enthusiast Network, "Roadkill Nights" will take over the M1 Concourse in Pontiac, Michigan, for the second time, giving enthusiasts a chance to see straight-line beasts like the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon in action, or bring their own machinery along to take a crack at it themselves.


Investing in "green" stocks? Buyer beware, analysts say

Industry analysts say that investors who are buying into companies with green ratings may actually not be getting what they think they're paying for. According to Reuters, the various ratings systems can give wildly different scores to the exact same company, depending on the weighting applied to various factors.


Ford's Ohio Assembly Plant dumps primer into Lake Erie

A spill at Ford's Ohio Assembly Plant near Avon, OH (just west of Cleveland), has discharged some 5,000 gallons of e-coat primer, an unknown quantity of which has ended up in Lake Erie, a local newspaper reports. The water-based, environmentally friendly primer is not regarded as dangerous to humans and isn't considered a water pollutant. Employees and local authorities have been attempting to address the spill since it began on Saturday, when it was believed to be contained to the plant property.


ICYMI: Jaguar launches new 296-horsepower four-cylinder

Jaguar's new 296-horsepower twin-scroll turbocharged four-cylinder is the latest in the company's Ingenium range of inline engines, which is expected to be expanded with six-cylinder variants over the course of the next two years. In the XE sport sedan, it can achieve acceleration as quick as 5.2 seconds to 60 mph while returning as much as 28 mpg on the highway in all-wheel-drive models.


This is the new 2018 BMW X3

Following a leak, BMW has introduced the brand-new 2018 X3. Under the evolutionary sheet metal lies BMW's newest vehicle architecture, and more tech features than ever before. Built in the USA, the third-gen X3 will go on sale in the coming months.