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Toyota Mirai billboards scrub NOx emissions from the air

The billboards are coated in titanium dioxide, converting nitrogen oxides into nitrates that are removed from the air. The array of 37 billboards is claimed to remove NOx emissions equivalent to more than 5,000 vehicles per month.   


Costs of higher fuel standards may be significantly lower than originally projected

Automakers who have lobbied for weakening future fuel economy standards may have a tougher go of it thanks to a report released Wednesday by nonprofit group International Council on Clean Transportation. According to the report, the costs associated with increased standards could be as much as 40 percent lower than originally projected.


Mercedes might have to rethink EV naming strategy in China

Chery says Mercedes' EQ nameplate for a new line of electric vehicles is too similar to its eQ brand.


Spied: 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk

The Grand Cherokee will soon receive a heart transplant from the Dodge Challenger Hellcat.


Ford expects dip in 2017 profits

Ford announced Thursday that it expects profits to dip year-over-year for 2017 thanks to heavy investment and product launch costs in its first quarter. Ford is projecting a 2017 profit of $9 billion (down from $10.4 billion a year ago) according to Automotive News.


Toyota buys license to use Microsoft patents

Toyota has acquired the license to use all of Microsoft's infotainment-related patents. The deal includes tools for developing operating systems, voice recognition systems, and cybersecurity tools, according to Automotive News.


Volkswagen T-Roc leaked?

A computer-generated image leaked online might have prematurely revealed Volkswagen's upcoming entry-level crossover. It's inspired by the 2014 T-Roc concept, but it gets four doors and a fixed roof.


Porsche announces next Exclusive model

Porsche Exclusive has announced it will release its next limited-edition model in 2017. That's all we know so far, so enthusiasts will need to be patient.    


NIO releases footage of record-breaking 'Ring lap

Startup NIO has released full footage of its record-breaking Nurburgring lap. The EP9 lapped the grueling track in seven minutes and five seconds, an all-time record for an electric vehicle.


First Ford Mustang hardtop to cross the block

The first-ever Ford Mustang hardtop to receive a VIN number is scheduled to cross the auction block in May. Fully restored in 1997, the historic coupe is said to be in like-new condition. An estimate hasn't been provided, but it will certainly cost a small fortune.