By Nat Shirley
Friday, Dec 28th, 2012 @ 3:31 pm
For years, Jaguar has sought to position the XK as a combination sports car/grand tourer. However, with the upcoming F-Type set to fill the dedicated performance-car niche within Jaguar's lineup, the automaker is beginning to consider taking the next-generation XK in a different direction.

One of the possibilities under discussion is moving the XK upmarket as a larger, more luxury-oriented ride, Jaguar design director Ian Callum revealed in an interview with Autocar.

"It could grow into the luxury market, and grow in size," Callum said. "Whether it stays the same as a two-plus-two or becomes a two-plus-more-than-two has not been committed to yet."

Jaguar has taken great pains to develop the F-Type as a true sports car, keeping weight to a minimum through the extensive use of aluminum, offering a trio of potent supercharged mills and even planning to make available a manual transmission - the first such gearbox in a U.S-market Jag since the demise of the X-Type entry-level sedan.

Given the birth of its smaller, sportier sibling, it certainly makes sense for the XK to evolve into a true Mercedes-Benz SL-Class competitor in terms of price and boulevard-cruiser spirit, but we'll have to wait and see what decision Jaguar ends up making on the evolution of its range-topping two-door.

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