By Drew Johnson
Friday, May 18th, 2012 @ 3:57 pm
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is now looking into a Texas garage fire that was sparked by a Fisker Karma. The incident occurred earlier this month in Sugar Land, Texas.

Safety officials have identified the Karma as the origin of the fire, but so far have not discovered what actually caused the fire. The NHTSA confirmed to Bloomberg that it has sent investigators to help determine what exactly started the fire.

"We are conducting an ongoing field inquiry for an EV incident in Texas,"ť said Claude Harris, director of vehicle safety compliance for the NHTSA. "We are still engaged in that activity, and no determination has been made at this time."ť

Although the Karma's lithium-ion battery pack was initially thought to be responsible for the blaze, Fisker quickly ruled out that scenario. A former GM engineered laid the blame on the Karma's tight engine packaging, but the California upstart has disputed that claim.

Fisker Karma review images by Andrew Ganz.

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