By Andrew Ganz
Wednesday, Nov 23rd, 2011 @ 2:00 pm
Nissan fans down under have taken to the automaker's regional Facebook page after a new Micra worth $20,000 AUD was given away in a contest to the organizer's best friend.

Nissan Australia awarded the car to Zac Martin, who is listed on Nissan customer experience channel coordinator Simon Oboler's blog as his "BFF" - "best friend forever."

Moreover, a $1,250 consolation prize was offered to Nina Igel, who is listed among Oboler's Facebook friends.

To its credit, Nissan Australia expected some social media backlash. When it announced the award winner, the company joked, "with all honesty and the best of intentions, we wish you hadn't won.

"The reality is that he won fair and square and all is fully above board."

But social media users took to the automaker's Facebook page anyway, stating that the selection of the organizer's "BFF" was "deplorable," among other accusations.

The contest rules stated that whoever spotted the most Micras scattered about on Facebook pages of shops, bars and entertainment venues was the winner.

An unnamed marketing industry expert interviewed by the Sydney Morning Herald stated that the contest couldn't have been rigged because it was based on a quantitive result, not a subjective decision.

"There was a database that chose him as the correct winner because he engaged the most fully in the competition," the unnamed source told the paper.

Still, the backlash has undoubtedly caused a frenzy for Nissan's social media efforts in Australia.

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