By Drew Johnson
Thursday, Sep 23rd, 2010 @ 11:39 am
Adding to its line of commercial vehicles, Nissan today unveiled its latest NV400 heavy van. It remains unknown if Nissan will offer the NV400 in the North American market, but the van will hit European roads next year.

The NV400 adopts Nissan's typical NV styling, including the company's "˜balanced angle strut' front grille. The rest of the NV400 is pretty much what you'd expect of a big van, although Nissan does note it was designed at the company's Design Europe studio.

No word on what powertrains will be offered in the NV400, but we suspect a range of diesel engines will be available.

In addition to the NV400, Nissan also announced it will launch a pure electric van by 2013. No other details were given, but Nissan said the EV will take the form of a small van, indicating something along the lines of Ford's upcoming Transit Connect Electric.

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