By Ronan Glon
Wednesday, Jan 9th, 2013 @ 5:33 am
Nissan has announced that it will travel to next week's Detroit Motor Show to unveil a concept car, a U.S.-bound sub-compact hatchback and a new auto show stand design.

The Japanese automaker is keeping its lips tightly sealed about the two vehicles that will debut in Michigan but it has revealed a full set of details about its new stand.

Previewed by a photograph of a scale model, the extravagant stand will be built around an amphitheatre-like stage and what is referred to as "soaring architectural elements." In the middle of the stand will be a 150 foot-long halo which will use miscellaneous lighting effects to highlight the vehicles that are displayed below.

Six touch screens mounted in a graphic band will help consumers get real-time information about the Nissan model they are most interested in. To take the experience a step further, the stand will play music throughout the day and occasionally dispense an unspecified fragrance.

After debuting in Detroit, Nissan's high-tech auto show stand will travel to ten other major events throughout the world, including motor shows in Geneva, Frankfurt and Tokyo.

More details about the cars that will bow in Detroit will be available in the coming days.

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