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Nissan introduces duo of camper vans

by Ben Hsu

Cargo vans become mobile living quarters.

Nissan is capitalizing on the popularity of campers by converting the cargo vans into mobile living quarters.

Nissan has introduced the e-NV200 Camper and NV300 Camper models at the Madrid Motor Show in Spain. The smaller e-NV200 is an all-electric version of the NV200 most commonly seen in the US as cargo vans, taxis, and the Chevy City Express. The NV300 is larger cargo van not sold in the US, but essentially it's about the size of a Ram Promaster and actually a rebadged Renault Traffic.

Both have pop-up expandable roofs, and lay-flat sleeping areas. The NV300 even includes a mini-fridge, sink and gas heating element for cooking. The exteriors feature bright, two-tone colors reminiscent of VW buses.

Sadly, neither is available in the US. While the #vanlife movement has seemingly exploded in popularity in recent times, US buyers are still making do with used VW Vanagons, Toyotas, and imported 4WD Mitsubishi Delicas, most of which are 30 years old. Meanwhile, in Europe and Asia, new models like the Volkswagen California and Mitsubishi Delica D:5 are still being produced.

Nissan promises a range of customization options. The vans are configurable at Nissan dealers in Spain.