By Mark Kleis
Tuesday, May 24th, 2011 @ 4:04 pm
BMW has hardly had its controversial and highly-discussed 1-Series M for sale a few months, but already the German automaker has confirmed the end of its hottest small car.

Set to be produced and sold just for 2011, the BMW 1-Series M will see fewer than 1,000 units ever produced in its current form according to confirmation to Autoblog through BMW itself.

While it is unclear exactly why BMW has decided to limit the model to a single year's run, the result will undoubtedly be a hefty premium on the remaining new vehicles yet to be sold, as well as on future used models sold in the private market.

BMW also says that it is not necessarily ending the 1-Series M forever, but expect a few-year delay before a replacement arrives.

1.'BMW's new 1 M...' view
2.'BMW 1 Series M...' view

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