Next Porsche Cayenne to debut on August 29th?

Car & Driver reports the next generation of the Porsche Cayenne will make its debut on August 29th. The model will be presented to the public a couple of weeks later at the Frankfurt Auto Show.   


De Tomaso prototype to cross the auction block

The Nuovo Pantera concept De Tomaso unveiled in 1999 is offered for sale by auction house RM Sotheby's. The design study previewed a successor to the Pantera, but it never reached production. It's a rolling chassis not equipped with an engine, yet it could sell for up to $115,000. It will cross the block in London on September 6.   


Mercedes celebrates one millionth GLK/GLC

Mercedes-Benz has built the one millionth example of the GLK/GLC family. The model is exceptionally popular in China; Mercedes points out one out of every two GLCs built is shipped straight to the Chinese market.   


2018 BMW M5 leaked

Leaked images compiled into a video have prematurely revealed the 2018 BMW M5. All-wheel drive will come standard, and some source claim it will boast up to 680 horsepower.   


Switzerland temporarily bans Porsche Cayenne diesel

Switzerland has made it illegal for motorists to register a Porsche Cayenne powered by the 3.0-liter turbodiesel V6. The temporary ban applies to cars sold new in the country and cars imported from abroad, but it doesn't affect used models already wearing Swiss plates. Porsche needs to prove the model complies with emissions regulations before authorities will consider lifting the ban.   


First U.S.-spec McLaren F1 sells for $14.2 million.

The very first McLaren F1 built for the United States market just sold for $14.2 million before a 10-percent buyer's fee is factored in. It's the most expensive F1 ever, but we suspect it won't keep that title for very long.   


GAC says it's not interested in buying FCA

The rumors claiming FCA will soon be Chinese pointed to four potential new owners: Geely, Dongfeng, GAC, and Great Wall. GAC has joined the first two in denying its interest in FCA, according to Automotive News, leaving only Great Wall as a potential suitor.   


Volkswagen I.D. Buzz to spawn cargo van

Volkswagen has confirmed the I.D. Buzz concept will be offered in passenger- and cargo-hauling configurations. Both variants will be exclusively available with a battery-powered drivetrain. Sales are scheduled to kick off in 2022.   


Holden Colorado goes racing Down Under

General Motors' Holden division has introduced a modified Colorado for the SuperUtes series. It's open to production-based dual-cab trucks with a turbodiesel engine and rear-wheel drive. Isuzu, Mazda, and Ford are among the automakers who will participate in the series starting next year.   


Luxembourg police gets Tesla S patrol car

The police department in Luxembourg -- one of the smallest and richest nations in the world -- will soon start using the Tesla Model S as a patrol car, according to news outlet RTL. Each one has a base price of about 100,000 euros (roughly $117,000).