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Land Rover resurrects Defender V8

There is, as always, a catch.

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Infiniti confirms electrification push in 2021

The brand will launch its first pure battery-powered EV in 2021.

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Ferrari planning electric supercar to dethrone Tesla

Ferrari's electric supercar could take on Tesla's second-generation Roadster.

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Detroit LIVE: 2019 Jeep Cherokee

Designers have achieved clearer continuity between the Cherokee, Compass and Grand Cherokee.

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Toyota hints at 'authentic' small off-road SUV

The company is looking at several ideas that would fill a niche once occupied by the FJ Cruiser.

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Toyota's North American output fell in 2017

Toyota's North American plants weren't as busy in 2017.

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Detroit LIVE: Mercedes-AMG introduces 2019 E53, CLS53

The 53-badged models get a straight-six engine and a mild hybrid drivetrain.

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Detroit LIVE: 2018 BMW X2

BMW's newest "Sports Activity Coupe" is here.

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Ford doubles down on EVs; 16 all-electric models by 2022

The Blue Oval has nearly tripled its budget to $11 billion, the estimated price tag for 40 electrified models in the next four years.


Hyundai's N division not concerned with 'Ring times

Don't expect to see Hyundai's N division try to post jaw-dropping times on the 'Ring with cars like the Veloster N. "We don't care about lap times. If you're going for lap times, the aero settings are different, the suspension setting is different. It's faster for a professional driver, but it's not as enjoyable," the company told Road & Track.   


Land Rover details limited-edition Defender V8

Land Rover is releasing a limited run of V8-powered Defenders. Based on the old model, the first Defender V8 since 1998 can hit 60 mph from a stop in 5.6 seconds thanks to 405 horses under the hood. Production is limited to 150 examples, and none are coming to America.   


Body-on-frame Hyundai pickup not coming to America

Hyundai is developing a body-on-frame pickup truck similar to the Chevrolet Colorado and the Ford Ranger. The model will be sold in overseas markets like Australia and it won't make the trip to America. However, we'll get a separate truck similar to the Honda Ridgeline.   


Opel skipping Geneva show

Peugeot's Opel division has announced it will skip the Geneva Auto Show. The company has no plans to introduce anything at the event so it doesn't want to pay money to display existing cars.   


Volkswagen Jetta won't return to Europe

Volkswagen confirmed it won't sell the new Jetta on the European market. The model was developed specifically for North America and the Chinese market will get its own version of it, too.   


BMW X4 coming this year

BMW will release the second-generation X4 this year, the German company confirmed at the Detroit Auto Show. It calls 2018 "the year of the X." It's also introducing the X2, which was shown in Detroit, and the bigger X7.   


Toyota Camry NASCAR shows its face in Detroit

The Toyota Camry that competes in NASCAR races is taking a break from the track to sit alongside its production siblings in Detroit. It looks like a Camry, but it shares virtually no parts with the sedan found in showrooms nationwide.   


Detroit: Hyundai builds Veloster hot rod

Hyundai is displaying a custom-built, one-of-a-kind Veloster hot rod at the Detroit Auto Show. Styled like a life-sized Hot Wheels car, it's merely a concept and not a preview of an upcoming production model. Don't expect to see the "hot rod package" on the list of options when the new Veloster goes on sale.   


Detroit: Volkswagen brings out first-generation Jetta

Volkswagen is displaying a first-generation Jetta next to the all-new 2019 model at the Detroit Auto Show. The model pictured here is owned by Volkswagen of America, and it was recently treated to a comprehensive restoration. It's in like-new condition.